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Your local Woodstock American Bodyworks is located on Holly Springs Pkwy and is open with convenient hours for all. The brick storefront has been home to American Bodyworks for over 12 years, and we look forward to serving this community for many years to come.

We cater to all fitness levels

We cater to all types of workouts for all fitness levels. We are a family-friendly gym with a comfortable environment for all. Our staff is helpful and personal and ready to help you reach your fitness goals starting today!

New Fitness Classes

Fitness is fun! But it’s even more fun when working out with friends. Our new fitness studio, Fortitude, is up and running with classes from calming Yoga to fast and fresh Club Vibes. Small group training is happening daily. Check our schedule to sign up for a class today.

All the equipment you want

We have the equipment you want. All weights, machines, mats and more. Our gym comes with a comfortable environment where anyone can try out any area of fitness. Our friendly staff will help you learn about the right form and function for any machine. Come check it out today!

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Upon signing up for your membership, you will be required to pick up your key card at our facility to complete your membership.

About Our Gym

Our Mission

We are a faith-based health club in which our team’s priority is to ensure each individual member is equipped to fulfill their specific and unique fitness goals. We strive to provide a comfortable, clean, and safe environment that exceeds expectations. We are a club that offers the latest in high-grade fitness equipment, certified personal training, and the most valuable programs around.

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Group Training – The Benefits of Working Out in a Small Group Setting

You’ve seen the small group training classes popping up at our new studio, Fortitude. You’ve thought about checking out the classes. You’ve even peeked in the window when heading to the gym. But, you haven’t made the leap to join us. Why is that? Are you unsure of what a group class can do for you? Well, let us tell you. It’s scientifically proven that you can get a better workout when doing so in a group setting.

Change and New Opportunities at Your Local American Bodyworks Fitness Center

It’s no secret that we are all going through a bit of change right now. We’re figuring out how to juggle being a parent, a teacher, an entertainer, a self-care guru, and a full-time chef amongst other things. Some essential workers are still required to go to work every day and figure out how to make sure their families are safe at home. Some are out of work and navigating unemployment for the first time. Change is inevitable right now. It can be scary, it can be uncomfortable, but it can also prove to open new opportunities and creative innovation.

A Very Cautious Gym Opening After the Covid Pandemic

As a small business, we want to keep operating to make sure that our staff can be compensated, but we do not want to endanger anyone in any way. So we have come up with a plan to open our doors while following all the Governor’s recommendations, and additional taking our own extra precautions.

The Fitness Lesson We’re Learning from a Global Pandemic

We’ve already told you that exercise not only helps with your physical health, but it also helps with your mental health. Now more than ever, that rings true. Regular exercise helps keep you healthy, happy, and even helps with virus-fighting qualities. Specifically, “moderate intensity exercise improves immune function and potentially reduces risk and severity of respiratory viral infection.” 1

How Taking Our FREE Facebook Live Classes Can Help You During Social Distancing

It’s not news to anyone that life is a little different these days. We’ve had to close our doors for the safety of members and staff. And many people are missing the social environment and fun exercise that were a regular part of your lives here at the gym. We get it. We miss you too!

Should You Go to the Gym During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

We’re hearing more and more about it every day. The coronavirus has been officially named a pandemic, and people have been encouraged to practice social distancing. Are you thinking about skipping your visit to the gym due to the hype? Before you do, let us tell you a bit about what you’re dealing with.

Why Exercise is Good for Your Physical and Mental Health

We all know that exercise is good for your health. There have been many studies and physical evidence that proves that exercise can help you lose weight, decrease susceptibility to diabetes and heart disease, and increase muscle and energy. But there are even more positive effects that exercise can have on your physical and mental wellness. 

Working Out in Pairs: Why a Dual Membership Can Benefit You Both

The couple that works out together, stays together. And we’re not just saying that, it’s true! Studies have shown that people that workout with a buddy are more reliable and tend to stick to their plan. A study in Prevention Magazine found that 94% of couples stuck to their workout plan when they did it together. Having a buddy keeps you honest and reliable.

New Year, New You: Why Now is the Best Time to Join American Bodyworks

Whether you’re a fan of resolutions or not, starting a new routine at the beginning of the year is a little easier to tackle. You have a new calendar, a regular work/home life schedule, and you lived through last year with some extra time on your hands. You know that...

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