Change and New Opportunities at Your Local American Bodyworks Fitness Center

May 7, 2020

It’s no secret that we are all going through a bit of change right now. We’re figuring out how to juggle being a parent, a teacher, an entertainer, a self-care guru, and a full-time chef amongst other things. Some essential workers are still required to go to work every day and figure out how to make sure their families are safe at home. Some are out of work and navigating unemployment for the first time. Change is inevitable right now. It can be scary, it can be uncomfortable, but it can also prove to open new opportunities and creative innovation.

Here at American Bodyworks, we are getting very creative while adjusting to our new normal. During the shelter in place order, we have closed down our facilities, but we have kept in touch with our members by hosting Facebook Live workouts. It’s surprising what a good workout you can get from using things like pots, a yoga mat, and even your kids (as weights)! We are so happy to continue helping each of our members continue their fitness journey. And we’re having a great time figuring out how to keep people inspired and engaged through online outlets.

As we move to a world where there is a little more flexibility, we are navigating the ability to open shop but continue to keep staff and members safe. We have set up strict guidelines to make sure equipment is clean and sanitary. We are even looking for new staff members to breathe new life into our everyday. Soon, we will begin opening our fitness studio, Fortitude, to small, social-distance spaced classes.

While things are different, we may see some growing pains. We are sad to see some of our trainers go, but we wish them all the best of luck in their own personal journeys moving forward. We’re excited to see new trainers join us and bend our routines a little. Similar to changing up your workout from time to time to jumpstart your fitness goals, changing up your surroundings and your inspirations can also help to jumpstart your mindset giving you multiple health benefits.

So, we’re looking forward to the new normal. We know there will be challenges, but what’s better than busting through that challenge and making it to the other side. So, let’s jump in feet first together. Let’s navigate this new world together. And let’s get you to your fitness goal, TOGETHER! We look forward to seeing all your friendly faces soon!

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