Services & Equipment

Check out American Bodyworks’ top-of-the-line equipment! From cardio machines to plate-loaded pieces and free weights to flat benches to squat racks and leg presses, we have it all!


Certified Personal Training

Our welcoming staff strives to place each and every member on the path to reach the personal goal they desire. Our trainers are here to keep you accountable and motivated to achieve your goal. Visit our staff page to meet our certified personal trainers and see how they can help you today!

24/7 Access

We understand that you need a health club with flexible hours, and that is why we provide great equipment and the best services available to your neighborhood 24-7! American Bodyworks is a key club, which means your membership card is your key to the gym and you can use it anytime to get inside to workout. This means no more excuses and more results!

Top-Notch Facility

We strive to keep our facility super-clean and the environment extremely friendly. We provide everything needed to pursue your fitness goals, without overcharging you for ​unnecessary bells and whistles. American Bodyworks has nothing but top-of-the-line equipment. Once you see it in person you will know this is the gym for you.

Fitness Classes

Learn about the fitness classes that we offer at American BodyWorks! We have dance classes, Yoga, Mat Pilates, Body Sculpting, Cardio Blasts and more!

Personal Training

Our trainers are NASM certified and have been training at American Bodyworks for over a decade. Many of our trainers and clients have long-term relationships and this makes the ABW experience what it is. We strive to treat our clients like they are friends and family. The relationships established go well beyond training and into everyday life. We don’t just workout together – we do life together!

Owner Scott Burson began training at ABW in 2013 as a regular client. ABW trainers helped him transform from an unhealthy lifestyle to making fitness a huge part of his everyday life – so much so that he was inspired to buy the business.

Our trainers meet their clients where they are in their fitness journey, providing complete and ever-evolving exercise and nutrition plans. Our bodies are dynamic, constantly adapting, and so are the plans provided by our trainers. It doesn’t matter how old you are – it’s never too late to begin living a healthy lifestyle. Our clients range in age and some of our longest-standing members are well over the age of 60!

Concerned about the expense? Just think about how much we spend on a monthly basis eating out or buying calorie-rich coffees. It’s worth it to give up unhealthy and expensive eating habits to pay for the opportunity to live a longer and happier life with friends and family.

So come by, meet our trainers, and let us help you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle! Contact our head trainer, Kristin Dawson to set up an assessment or fill out our contact us form!

Our Equipment

Interactive Cardio

We provide treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent bikes, stationary bikes, stair climbers and rowers with each station containing it’s own TV with headphone connectivity.

Free Weights

We have a wide variety of dumbells, barbells, ezcurl bars and olympic bars with weight plates. We have various bench press platforms, leg press cages, and adjustable benches for free weights.

Plate Loaded & Cable Resistance Machines

We provide adjustable functional training cable machines as well as weight loaded resistance machines for every muscle group. The variety of different machines enables multiple ways to work all muscle groups.

Functional Training

We have squat racks, box jumps, weighted sled, battle ropes, sand bags, TRX systems and tires just to name a few just to name a few of our functional training apparatuses.


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