Should You Go to the Gym During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Mar 5, 2020

We’re hearing more and more about it every day. The coronavirus has been officially named a pandemic, and people have been encouraged to practice social distancing. Are you thinking about skipping your visit to the gym due to the hype? Before you do, let us tell you a bit about what you’re dealing with.

What is Coronavirus?

Unlike the common cold or flu, the coronavirus is a virus that causes an infection in your nose, sinuses, and/or upper throat. It’s called such due to the crown-like shape of the virus. Specific to the COVID-19 outbreak we are seeing now, people are experiencing fever, cough, and shortness of breath. The reason this outbreak has been so scary is that it came around quickly without an antivirus in place. This means that people need to be extra cautious not to contract the virus by not touching the hands or face of someone infected, or touch things like doorknobs that may have been infected by someone.

How to avoid COVID 19

Cleanliness is Godliness, and we’re seeing that in the news every day. You should be washing your hands regularly and for a full 20 seconds to ensure the cleansing of germs. Also, make sure to keep antibiotic wipes, sprays, and any strong cleaner for your general space. Wiping those doorknobs regularly, cleaning your phone, spraying an area that is used by more than one person… These are all ways to ensure that you and your family are steering clear of the virus.

Exercising During the Pandemic

You should know that regular exercise helps your body combat illness.  By keeping your mind and your body strong, you are able to fight off germs better than the average Joe. WebMD tells us that aerobic exercise actually helps increase your body’s natural virus-killing cells. So, DO NOT TAKE A BREAK FROM YOUR WORKOUTS!

Should I Visit My Gym During the COVID 19 Outbreak?

Social distancing is an important component of combating this pandemic.  Specifically, here at American Bodyworks in Holly Springs, we are going above and beyond the CDC’s recommendations to keep our space clean and give you the space you need to get your workout done. We are working hard to ensure that the gym is sanitized at all times, and we are asking patrons to clean equipment before and after use. Hand sanitizer is stationed at the entrance and we ask that it be used upon entering and leaving.  We are limiting occupation to 10 or less people at any given time.  So, come on over and visit us today. We’re open 24/7 to members with staff on-site to answer questions during business hours (Hours subject to change, so call ahead).

If there are some of you that are feeling a little under the weather, and you want to do your part by staying in, we commend you. And we have a little something special. We are offering Fortitude classes for FREE online! Just visit our Facebook page to find our schedule and join in on the live workouts.

And if you have any questions, we love to chat. Feel free to stop by the gym or give us a call today!

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